Relationship Books by Michael Webb

Michael Webb is an internationally known relationships expert who has appeared on over 500 television and radio shows including Oprah, Men are From Mars/ Women are From Venus, NBC News, 700 Club, The Other Half, Iyanla, To Tell the Truth, ABC News and FOX News.

He has written over a dozen best selling relationship books on the subjects of love, dating, lovemaking, marriage proposals, romance and relationships.

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1000 Questions for Couples

What you ABSOLUTELY MUST know about the person you are with. This ebook also comes with a free 300 Days of Questions e-course.


Dirty Talk Secrets

NEW #1 surefire way to add spice to your sex life is with a little sexy talk in the bedroom.  We’ll give you the words, phrases and all the secrets you need to know to make your partner explode with ecstasy.


500 Lovemaking Tips and Secrets

Finally, a book of lovemaking tips that isn’t raunchy or crude. Since it was launched in late 2003, it has been a huge seller. If you are a Christian , you will absolutely love it as there aren’t any other books on the subject written with Christian morals and values in mind.


100 Great Sex Games

Research has shown that the intensity and pleasure of orgasms directly correlates with the length and kind of foreplay. This ebook provides fantastic ideas for games that will have the reader having the type of passion and orgasms that they probably have never before experienced.


The Virtuoso Lover

This is the ultimate trilogy. If men want amazing sex, then all they need to do is become virtuoso lovers. Men who learn how to give women the sex experience they crave will have hot, pulsating sex available to them whenever they desire.


You dont have to visit a sex shop or even buy sex toys online to put some zest into your love nest. There are literally over 150 different sex toys already strewn around your house. You just need to know where to look and perhaps a little hint on what to do with it.


Flirting Formula

Can ordinary, plain, poor guys attract hot, gorgeous women?  Absolutely!  While men are much more visual, women are emotional. Learn what to say and how to say it that will touch the core of just about any woman and have her wanting more and more of you.


300 Creative Dates

Have you ever had a dull date? No more. This book features nearly six years worth of creative date nights, and tips on first dates and asking someone out for a date too.


The RoMANtic’s Guide to Popping the Question

The most popular collection of proposal ideas. Over 100 winning stories and photographs included.


50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships

There are a lot of books on the market that will tell you how to have a good marriage but not many that will share with you the secrets of GREAT marriages.


A Better Way to Date

The way most people date actually hurts their relationship without them realizing it. Oprah expert, Michael Webb reveals the dating techniques and styles used by those who end up having the best marriages.


Getting Him Back

Michael Webb’s proven strategies for getting your man back, even if you have been apart for years. The market is crowded with “Get My Ex Back” relationship books but Michael is the only recognized relationship expert who has written on this topic.


Getting Her Back… For Good

She’s left you and there is a 99% chance that it is mostly your fault. Michael Webb holds no punches as he gives men the advice they need to get her back – for good this time.


Lose Weight While Eating

Michael Webb is an avid cruiser and he and his wife discovered how you can lose weight on a cruise, while still eating like royalty. Fantastic product!


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